Niki “found” yoga in 2002 and fell in love immediately. Niki’s posture had improved, lengthen and toned her muscles, it brought her a sense of inner peace and harmony that she always yearned for and strived to achieve. It was in 2009, when Niki decided to start her Yoga Teacher training. This teaching only intensified her passion for yoga and her desire to share what she learned with all those around her. Niki started at a Hot yoga studio in Milton and subbed class in Streetsville and Mississauga.

Niki style of yoga is Hatha Vinyasa Flow, which is a smooth fluid movement from pose to pose. Her philosophy and focus is to challenge all yogis to see the beauty of living in the now,and embracing the present moment. “The bigger goal is for each of us to take our experience off the mat and apply the theory to our everyday lives”.

Niki teaches Flow yoga Tuesday at 7:30pm

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