As a former collegiate athlete at the University of South Carolina Aiken and former baseball player in the inter-county Baseball League, Darryl suffered several injuries throughout his athletic career. Darryl turned to Yoga in an attempt to keep his body healthy.  His journey started when he decided to take his first Yoga class at his local gym. Sitting in the back of the class, Yoga quickly found a way into his soul and it continues to grow to this day. Darryl completed his Yoga teacher training certification at Holistic BodyWorx.  In a life changing experience, he discovered that Yoga wasn’t just about improved flexibility, it was about improving the body, mind and spirit.

Through his many years of experiencing the everyday grind of being a student athlete and corporate worker, Darryl’s goal is to give back to his students by focusing on yogic techniques used to enhance both the athletic and corporate lifestyles.

Darryl’s classes are focused on improving mind/body awareness, as well as building core strength and balance so that powerful and graceful movements can be performed.

Darryl teaches Sundays at 5:30pm

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