Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Practice Yoga?

Discover yoga. It’s for everyone! Anyone and everyone can practice yoga. People think you have to be flexible to do yoga, when in fact; you do not. Yoga will increase flexibility, strength and stamina, not to mention how good you feel mentally and emotionally.   Our teachers are inspired by many styles of yoga. The class structure is determined by the students in the class and can range from flow, power or a more gentle approach. We believe that your experience at the studio is your own and to put a style to each class means we are limiting our teaching and limiting your yoga experience. You don’t need to have experience, strength or flexibility. You’ll gain those things and so much more as you practice.

You do need to come and give it a try! You can’t know what yoga can do for you unless you give it a chance.

If you have any medical conditions, please talk with your doctor to determine the type of yoga that would be right for you.

What do I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing suitable for exercise is best. No special yoga attire is required, however you might want to wear a tighter fitting top. Remove your shoes (leave them outside the studio door) and remove your socks as yoga is generally practiced in bare feet.

What do I bring?

We love it when you bring a friend! It is especially beneficial to bring an open mind and a willingness to try something new. If you have a yoga mat or any props (blocks, straps), bring them along. We can loan you a mat but most people prefer to have their own. Studio mats are cleaned after every class with a solution of Tea Tree Oil and water.

When is the best time to practice?

Anytime that fits your schedule is the best time to practice. We have over 20 classes to choose from! It’s really a matter of personal preference. Regardless of when you practice, remember to be well hydrated and it is best to avoid eating a full meal for at least two hours prior to practicing. You can have a small meal as soon as one hour before your practice, especially in the morning. You may have read somewhere that you should practice yoga on an empty stomach, this is true if you are developing a full yoga practice that includes pranayama, meditation and yantra. We will be doing physical activity, so you better eat something! Avoid caffeine!

How do I begin?

You already have begun! You found us, checked us out, now all you need to do is show up! Let go of your fears and enjoy the time you have for yourself. You can attend any Level 1 or 2 class. Read the class descriptions and instructor bios to make a better informed choice. You can contact us before hand to discuss any issues that may arise. Always let your teacher know that this is your first time and share with them any medical condition or injuries you may have (it is important that if you experience a new teacher, that you remind them of injuries or medical conditions). Your teacher will offer suggestions and modifications that will make your first class more enjoyable, and remember, we are not asking you to disclose this information to pass judgement, we are asking so that we can structure our classes towards everyone. Allow yourself to be a excited, curious, confused, skeptical, even a little scared…it doesn’t matter, it’s all ok.

How do I attend?

After you have checked our schedule and viewed our many classes here on the website, show up! There is no need to pre-register for any of our classes as all of the classes are all drop in, come as you are. Please arrive about 15 minutes prior to class to check in, speak with your teacher and get settled. Feel free to call, email or stop by the studio before hand if you have questions or concerns (we’ll be there 15-20 minutes prior to class and right after scheduled classes or you can leave a message and we get back to you a quickly as possible). Otherwise, just show up.

But I’m not flexible.

Not to worry, you do not have to be flexible to do yoga! Anyone can do yoga (even babies!). Yoga is about helping the body and mind to open up. It’s about feeling good about yourself and fostering a sense of community. As you practice, your flexibility and range of motion will increase along with your strength, stamina, balance and focus.

But I’m pregnant

If you are pregnant or become pregnant after you sign up for yoga, always check with your doctor to see if you can join/continue. For some who have been physically active before becoming pregnant, some modified poses are fine; however twists, inversions and lying on your stomach are not advisable. Your best choice would be a good pre-natal yoga class. Some of our instructors are Pre-natal trained and certified, so if you call and speak to them, we can talk about options. We can also set up a prenatal workshop for you and your mommy-to-be friends. We might even be able to schedule a special 6-8 week pre-natal course (provided we have at least 5 moms interested and available for the same time).